The Perfect Cup

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Back when I was in college, I didn’t do a whole lot of cooking. Coming from three home-cooked meals a day made me appreciate the difference fresh ingredients and taking time to prepare a meal can make. This goes for anything you prepare, including a photograph. However, if you take something that’s already delicious without any preparation – something like Cup Noodles® – and add fresh ingredients, you get something even better. At this point, I had to ask myself – what is my favorite ingredient? Meat? Egg? Seafood? I decided on egg, and set out on my “quest” for The Perfect Cup. I also have been meaning to experiment with some low-key, chiaroscuro-style food photography. So after gathering some fresh eggs and setting up a place in the living room to shoot, all that was left was to make my noodle dream a reality.

I used natural light and a several black cardboard squares to shape the light around the Cup Noodles® and the eggs. It can be tricky when shooting low-key situations to get the exposure correct, and I realized after the fact that several of my images were simply underexposed. Fortunately, I bracketed several of the shots and ended up with a couple of keepers.


Going through all of this trouble made me appreciate Cup Noodles® even more. Much like photography, it’s not about a single perfect ingredient, but a blending of elements that come together to make a balance of flavor.